Building another Micro Sass

After learning form past failures building more stuff to get into the habit of building. This time building something for myself a workspace for managing my stuffs.

Third job as Frontend Developer

Landed my third job to get more exposer in tech. Putting some extra pressure on myself to exceeds my current potentials.


Backend with Node JS

After 2 year in frontend with some backend started juggling some backend stuff. Learned backend concepts and how things worked on servers.

Learned React Native

Learned React native for a project a t job and deployed an android app to PlayStore.


Learned React and Next JS

Started learning more JS frameworks. Learned more about Next JS. Build some projects with these technologies.

Second job as React Developer

Landed my second job as React developer after learning Javascript. Learned React concepts and build more projects with React to get a good grasp of React.


Learned JavaScript

On the job learned Javascript from online resources and started practicing more and more.

Got my first job

Just after learning HTML and CSS started finding jobs and able to land my first job. It was tough at start but gradually come to normal.


Learned frontend development

Learned HTML CSS and build lots of free cool shit. Completed multiple challenges and build stuffs for free.

Sold first thing online

Build my first design system and sold it for $200. Got to know money can be earned online.😀


The covid come with a great lesson to me to build a good career. So moved into learning programming.


Learning how to earn

No clue after graduation so doing some random shits. Just knowing how to earn money.


Graduated from HPU

Completed my bachelors in BBA. Spend some luckiest moments tof my life.



Born on 10th of March.